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Our association, born from the common idea of a group of friends, bike enthusiasts and nature lovers, promotes in our beautiful territory the knowledge and use of gravity bikes, the technical and physical preparation, the art of trailbuilding, the acquaintance between people from different countries, the spirit of sharing and aggregation. We offer technical courses of safe riding and correct posture on your bike, accompanied by our 1┬░level instructors on the best trails of "Finalese" territory, more than 100Km of downhill trails with drops, bumps, berms, tobogas built with respect for the environment and maintained by the local crews.
No matter if you are an ambitious amateur or an experienced rider who wants to improve his technical and bike handlings skills, our classes are open for all skill levels: beginner, intermediate, advanced. You will pay a daily fare to ride with our instructors, and you will be assisted for all your needs (water, food, first aid, mobile workshop, storage) by our technicians and support van totally free of charge. You will learn how to boost your skills on your mountain bike fitting yourself with the slackline or improve you preparation spinning around the pumptrack.

Remember: gravity mountain bike is an extreme sport:
  • Before being allowed on the trails you'll need to fill out a waiver
  • Giving right of way to pedestrians is mandatory
  • Moderate speed near villages, people and animals
  • Respect the environment and public and private properties
  • Absolutely mandatory: bikes have to be apt and fit (travelling no less than 120 mm)
  • Bikers must wear full face helmet, back protector and knee guards; elbow guards, gloves, goggles, neck brace, technical shoes and protective clothes are advisable
  • Bikers must always follow "Finale Outdoor Region" advices abouth weather alerts, closed trails and hunting activities
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Our crew


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Our calendar

27 - 2 APR
Course of Downhill - Technical Skills for Beginners
3 - 9 APR
Footwork and transitions - Course of correct positioning and the secrets of weight shift
10 - 16 APR
Course of Enduro
- Technical skills for beginners
17 - 23 APR
Mountains to the Sea - Shredding the longest trails in Finale
24 - 30 APR
The Dark Side of the Mountains - Discovering the backcountry trails
1 - 7 MAY
EWS stages and more - Shredding the EWS Trophy of Nations Trails
8 - 14 MAY
Course of Downhill 2 - Technical Skills for Intermediate
15 - 21 MAY
Course of Enduro 2 - Technical Skills for Intermediate
22 - 28 MAY
Airtime - Course of Jumping Skills
29 - 4 JUN
Course of Downhill 3 - Technical Skills for Advanced
5 - 11 JUN
Course of Enduro 3 - Technical Skills for Advanced
12 - 18 JUN
Ride Like a Pro - Discovering the EWS Trails
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B & B

Red Rock Bed&Breakfast

Just 2 minutes from the motorway exit of Finale Ligure, immersed in the magnificent wood of oaks and chestnuts of Eze and at a step from the sea, Red Rock Bed & Breakfast is the ideal place to practice outdoor sports, which Finale Ligure is internationally famed for, or just to relax in the quiet of the forest; our B&B is far from the chaos of the seaside but just 5 minutes from the beaches of Varigotti, surrounded by the beautiful cliffs and rock climbing areas of Rocca di Perti, Bric del Frate, Edera cave, Pianarella and Monte Cucco, and by the renowed trails for MTB freeride and enduro.

Bed & Breakfast Map:

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